Gibbston, Queenstown, 9371

Tel: +64 3 442 6910 - within NZ

Rabbit Ridge

Code of Conduct

Maintain control at all times. It is your responsibility to stop or avoid other riders, objects, debris and trail features.

Take your cell phone in case of emergency.

Yield to slower riders & yield to riders below you. This is your responsibility, regardless of trail rating.

Do not stop where you obstruct a trail, feature or are not visible to other riders approaching from above.

If you witness or are involved in an accident, please assist the injured and call 111 immediately, send for help and inform Rabbit Ridge   staff.

Keep off closed areas and obey all signs and warnings.

Only ride the indicated direction on trails.

DO NOT ride outside the bike resort boundary, go through or jump deer fences.

No helmet no ride.

All riders must register before riding.

Failure to abide by the code could result in cancellation of your pass.

Rabbit Ridge Bike Resort, next to Gibbston Valley Winery, 1820 State Highway 6, Gibbston, Queenstown, 9371